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ASSIGNMENT: Establish a country of your very own. Appoint yourself the head of state. You can be a monarch, a military dictator, an elected official, the style of government is up to you.

       Now that you are the leader of a country it is time to design for yourself a realistic postage stamp, a currency, a stationery letterhead and a flag. Strive for realism here. You don’t have to create the physical object, but do strive to create a photo-realisic rendering of these objects. I want this believeable.

       Make some initial drafts, sketches, ideas, etc. Scan these in if necessary. I want to see a work-flow. I want to see ideas you tried and abandoned. If you go with your first ideas, the finished product won’t be good enough. Write (or record) a summary of your process along with your rough draft sketches & post it to your blog. Submit the URL to this assignment.

       Start with brainstorming about which objects, scenes and thoughts are the most meaningful to you. What is it that when we look at it means you? Why are these so meaningful?

       These are the tokens, the markers, the ideas that should comprise the marks of your country. For ideas, be sure to look at currencies and other examples from around the world.

*          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *

Uhhh… best I could do with the time I’ve had. Yeah… not too thrilling thus far, huh? But I’ve got my idea go’n on and a basic direction for the thing to go in with a little symbolism thrown into the mix. It’s pretty much  explained in the image below if you can read my scribbling, but basically it’s like, “Victory and Peace – The Thing Speaks For Itself.” Get it? ? ? OK… maybe not too terribly clear there… I’m not too clear on the whole thing myself, but… uhhhh… I think I’m on to something here. So… there you have it. Don’t like it? KICK ROCKS!

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