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Register your blog with the http://ds106.us/ website. Each week you will be asked to complete three of The Daily Create projects on the DS106 website. Each project must be posted and tagged on the day of the assignment to count. Post the urls to your three projects to this assignment.

Since I’ve asked about this but received no answer actually telling me what to do, yet, the assignment is due TOMORROW, I’ll post these here with the proper tags as well. I mean, by “Post the urls to your three projects to this assignment” that COULD mean the URLs to this blog -OR- the URLs to where we did the assignment at the DS106 place or even maybe to where we originally posted the assignments (in my case, on Flickr), Who knows… so… here are the three assignments I did:

1) Take a photo of two related objects of drastically different sizes. (2/1/12, I think)

2) Take a picture that represents or expresses something loud. (2/4/12)

3) Improve movie posters to make them more accurately reflect the content of the film. (2/4/12)


And there you have it, these were all properly tagged and placed in my photostream at http://www.flickr.com/photos/fatjesus24/, BUT, I’m not seeing that last one at the DS106 site… so… whatever, they’re done.

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