This was an assignment we were to do from the DS106 website called “Comments for Kids located HERE. the blogs I chose to comment on were:

Lamillya’s blog at http://le7tres.edublogs.org/2012/03/09/seuss-books-by-dr-suess/#comment-16

Ayden’s blog at http://blogs.csdvt.org/techkidayden/2011/12/01/my-book/#comment-39

Lilly’s blog at http://blogs.goaj.org/lillianbobcat/2012/04/01/mary-anning-fossil-finder/#comment-18

Hmmm… describe my experience, huh? Well…I don’t know, I just got through writing the comments, so, there’s not  much to describe. I was kind of amazed at some of the things these kids are doing at their age. I mean… I didn’t see anyone that actually listed their age in their “About” sections, Lilly had a picture on hers, but  other than that, I could only guess they were pretty young. Seems to me at the age I’d estimate most of these kids were, I was probably still working on “Go Pug Go” and all that sort of thing, but, these kids are out there blogging. AMAZING!

Anyway… maybe I’ll have more to say later, maybe one of them will drop me a message back or something. For now… well… I’ve got an over abundance of other assignments to do so… BYE.

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