I seem to have been continuously docked points for nothing more than stating my opinion when that is specifically what I’m asked for in the assignment. I mean… look at some of these assignments.

On the “Visual Metaphor” assignment we were basically asked to present a photograph of what it means to be a student. I submitted a photo which, though maybe overdramatized, represented my feelings seeing as how I was still dealing with a grievance at that time over having my previous semester’s grade from our instructor altered  causing a 13% reduction in my final grade. I was docked 20% on the assignment for nothing more than following the assignment instructions.

In the “Blog – Black History” assignment one of the specifications was to, “Tell me about the subjects you are considering and why they are interesting to you.” Since I had been docked points before for not answering some portion of an assignment I simply answered the question stating, “As for why they are interesting to me? They’re NOT, I really don’t care about black history, but I thought those who do might find any of these three good content for a poster representing Black History.” For simply answering this question I was docked 10% on the assignment.

Here’s a really good one… on the assignment “TAL 4” one of the requirements was to go to 3 other students blog posts and comment on their posts. One of the student’s blogs I went to must have been frustrated with the ridiculousness of the assignment, or maybe just trying to keep up with the ceaseless onslaught of these assignments, and has noted they were not going to do the assignment. I personally thought this was excellent for a student to be making a stand like that place in principals over consequences and that’s exactly what I commented. Again… for that… for doing exactly what the assignment specified… I was docked 20% on the assignment. Frankly… the student did turn around and actually do the assignment, so maybe my comment was a good thing to have brought to mind there would be consequences for not doing an assignment.

When I went to Bill about this complaining that such practices were discriminatory he just stated he could do anything he wanted in his class and went on to note that technically he could have me thrown out of his class for having missed 3 classes (regardless of the fact these absences were either court dates or medical appointments).

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  1. May 16, 2012 at 10:47 pm

    I have had similar issues regarding attendance due to hardships and he has no compassion for urgent matters. I also recall two class sessions where he was not where he was supposed to be and his excuse was “I forgot”. I have never given that excuse yet I’m put in the “bad-apple” bin. The examples given on you not following his assignment guidelines is that, his guidelines are constantly too vague for any student (unless your his favorite or have tits), to do 100% accurately.

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