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This is my final draft for the “Your Own Country” Assignment.We were to design 1) A flag, 2) currency, 3) Postage, and 4) A Letterhead for our country; explain everything… all  that sort of good ole stuff. So… Uhhh… guess this is it.

My Country is the United Colson Dictatorship, headed by me, Bradley W Colson, of course. It might have sounded like a democracy (as if there’s really such a thing) from my 1-st draft, but nope…. I rule. As noted in my first draft, the theme of my country is “Freedom” and “Peace,” uhhh, kinda sorta, so the”V” for “Victory” (or rather for Vendetta) and the peace sign are kind of a central image or icon for what they stand for and the Latin “Res Ipsa Loquitur” meaning “the thing speaks for itself” (something like that) is my countries motto. Kind of symbolic that there is no deception or falsity to be tolerated in my country.

In the spirit off keeping things real the wave design symbolic of water is also central to my countries designs in everything. The idea is the 1-st cannon of my countries constitution outlines my “You Lie You Die” policy. Lying is something I want to completely weed out in my country so anyone found to be guilty of lying, the willful, wanton, and heedless disregard for the truth, who is bound over for trial shall face trial by water just like in the good ole midieval days.I’ll bless a huge vat of water and the liar will be poked down into it with a big, wooden pole and if the water rejects the person, i.e. if they float, well… their guilty… they’re to be put to death. HEY… seemed to work for Christianity to weed out  all the heretics. I think the policy will do wonders to weed out all the lying pieces of craps as well. So if you’re like… a lawyer, politician, police officer… you know, all those sorts of “so called” professional types… you might not want to move to my country unless you can learn to start speaking the truth. Of course we’ll have treatment centers for pathological liars such as Doctors, University Administrators and all that sort of thing. I mean…I’m all about reform, so, you know…

Lots of work to be done, lots of details to be hammered out, but for now… here’s my money and stuff…



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