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ASSIGNMENT:  Is That a Fire Pole? (exercise from Caffeine for the Creative Mind)

Your challenge today is to create the one fantastic feature you’d build into your next home if money was no object and anything could be done. And don’t stop there. List all the remarkable advancements your dream home would have. Just be sure to stalk the wet bar.

Seeing as how I wasn’t in class today and just discovered this assigned tonight and due within the hour… best I could do on short notice…

OK… did a little adjusting. This is my “Love Broker” pad. Might as well make a little $$$ whilst entertaining. Got the pole dancer in the living room just to get any dudes that might stop by into the proper state of mind, then they can mosey on into the full bar where all my main girls are doing their thing on stage. And if you want a little something special… well… I’ve got rooms just off the patio…  hourly rates for your convenience.

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