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I thought TAL4 was … well… it was “something.” Not that there was anything wrong with the pod-cast itself, but that Christi chic they talked to in the opening… OK, well… sadly enough I can somewhat relate to the craziness of what she was doing. That’s what happens when one is actually more in love with the “IDEA” of being in love than anything that exists in the world of reality. But yeah… she went pretty far “out there.” And those songs… oh my god… the woman CANNOT sing. The song she sang sure drove home her point so it served its function, to attempt to relate her feelings; it sure sounded like a sickly ally cat suffering through the last leg of its 9-th life though. Incidentally… if anyone knows where I can find one of these women with such a decrepit self-image and just barely a trickle of self-esteem, uh, you know… I’m look’n, so, please refer her to my blog (-:

The story in Act 1 on the couple who’d been together forever but never thought to get married was just pathetic. I mean… “Before we get married I think we should sleep with other people.” Oh yeah… that’ll make any marriage flourish… right? I don’t know… I’ve heard tale of couples who try just such a thing and claim it strengthened their bond and all that sort of weirdo, wife-swapping type of thing, there was even a movie about just that not long ago… “Hall Pass” or something like that. I’ve also read somewhere that statistically, over 80% of US citizens have gentile warts (other stats say 2 out of 3); so, I guess it depends on what you really want to “get” out of life… or love… or whatever.

I liked the musical selections in Act 1, the were great in setting the mood for the conversation… like when he was talking about how easy it is to have sex in New York city there’s this kind of samba style dance music playing… upbeat, busy, high pitched. Then when he’s talking about how he’d date some woman like a lover for about 3 dates and just drop her like a rock they’re playing an old bluesy, burlesque, horned style like you might expect to find in the clubs of the old “Red Light” districts back around century ago. Overall, I don’t see his story relating to anything anyone DID FOR LOVE in the long run. I mean… the both wanted to do some whore’n around, so, they did, and now that they destroyed their (supposedly) perfectly solid relationship this guy wants to pretend there was some greater meaning in that fact.

Act 2… Justin and Naomi…. Boy meets girl. Boy likes girl. Boy buys girl a 20 sack just to try to please her. Girl turns out to be a NARC. Hey… it happens… So… Boy gets busted. Let’s expand on that one a bit… Boy’s court appointed lawyer refuses to put the time and effort, into it that it would require to attempt an “entrapment” (or any other) defense that, in putting up a good fight, might result in negotiating him a better plea bargain. -SO- boy gives up and cops a guilty plea in ANY “so called “bargain” the prosecutor will offer because his attorney, who incidentally, is paid by the very same people who are prosecuting him, says it’s the easy way to just get it all over with… and… boy’s life dreams are pretty much destroyed.

Boy gets depressed… starts drinking heavily, gets pretty stupid when he drinks and one of his drinking buddies hooks him up with a shot of Heroine when he’s all drunk one night. Next thing you know he’s doing his works with in filthy rigs and spoons which he stashes away under this restaurant’s garbage dumpster. Shortly thereafter he has to check into the free clinic for chronic, explosive diarrhea and suddenly dies 4 days later due to complications with dysentery. Ahhh… what he did for love.

Act 3, Ducks… who cares… I thought the music was interesting though… kind of an old Calvary march style tune in that one part… off beat carnival style melodies. I guess it’s it’s basically like watching cartoons… in this one, I mean.

And best of all, Act 4 about a woman who likes younger, “sexy & sexy” “jerks” with levels of maturity “like a rich 5yr old” who exhibit behaviors like excessively attempting to “use words they can’t pronounce” to try to project abilities they don’t actually have. A guy who “looked at women everywhere they went,” yeah, these are generally the guys who are only looking to make sure they don’t lack for a Mommy, any Mommy, who will provide for their needs and make them feel like somebody since in actuality these types of guys are invariably incapable of providing for themselves. BUT these are the pricks who most women, for some bizarre reason, hold to be of the greatest value in searching out a mate. Oh… I could go on and on about this one, but, as for this story, the woman got exactly what she sought out… so… I’m really thinking the problem is with her, NOT the little dipstick she was stupid enough to pick.

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  1. February 20, 2012 at 11:43 pm

    OMG!…Hilarious and pretty much accurate comments there fella.I was lmao throughout the comments you spit out. You have good insight and one hellava imagination! As always your writings are fluent and wordy with lots of commentary that I find amusing. Only got one negative comment:” I CARE” (about ducks) lighten up lol

  1. March 8, 2012 at 5:06 pm

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