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Yes… it’s true, if I’m not in class on Monday then I have been crucified by the State of Kansas. Sacrificed in Reno County so scandalous officials of the state may justify sucking another 4.8 million dollars out of the pockets of tax payers in the name of protecting the public from people such as myself attaining a college educations. For anyone interested, you can read the whole story HERE. If nothing else, let it serve as an example of how the world really operates and the dangers of going against the flow. One of the key points I’ve learned through all this is that without an education backing you, all your words mean absolutely nothing before the those toting degrees around… You will always be wrong, and they will always be right in the eyes of authority, so… Good luck to you all.

(UPDATE): OK… well, I’m still here and as luck (or something) has it… I’ll be continuing in class. After the day’s events it seems there may be at least some twisted semblance of what could be loosely (and in a very generalized manner) termed “justice” or possibly “fairness” left in the world. I figure this “whatever you want to call it,” this outcome, has cost me $17,000+ when you figure lawyer’s fees and the fact I had to sell my property back home for half it’s appraised value, but, I guess the important thing is I will be able to continue on with college, and with my life… so actually, I’M PRETTY DAMN HAPPY! I suppose I can’t complain… BUT PROBABLY STILL WILL (-:

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