ASSIGNMENT: For this assignment, I want you to research the subject and find ten different possible subjects for a poster series on Black History Month and Kansas. You will eventually be doing three posters for display on the department bulletin board. We rarely hit on our best ideas with our first ideas, which is why I want you to come up with ten ideas. Post your ten ideas online, and have them ready to discuss in class.


1) BROWN ET AL. v. BOARD OF EDUCATION OF TOPEKA ET AL, 73 S. Ct. 1114; 97 L. Ed. 1388 (1953), Landmark case regarding segregation in schools.

2) Samuel Lyle Adair family opened their doors to famed abolitionist John Brown to help him hide escaped slaves traveling the Underground Railroad.

3) The Exodus of 1879 also known as the “Kansas Exodus” or the “Exoduster Movement”. Referring to the mass movement of African Americans from states along the Mississippi River to Kansas in the late 19-th century, it was the 1-st general migration of blacks following the Civil War.

4) Langston Hughes – African-American Writer, Poet, Kansan – February 1, 1902 – May 22, 1967.

5) Chester A.Franklin founded The Call newspaper (Kansas City) in April 1919 and remained its active head and guiding spirit for 36 years.

6) The BlackArchives of Mid-America in Kansas City, founded by Horace M. Peterson III.

7) “The Boondocks” on the Cartoon Channel’s  Adult Swim (think that has some connection with Kansas but haven’t found the link yet… just an idea)

8) Minnie Lee Crosthwaite, one of Kansas City’s first black social workers and a leader in the African-American community, is born February 28, 1872 in Nashville, Tennessee.

9) Calvary Baptist Church built in the heart of the African American community in Wichita, Kansas in 1917… now the The Kansas African American Museum.

10) Gordon Parks’ 1-st X-wife’s  illegitimate son’s 3-rd cousin twice removed’s excessively wealthy uncle’s 2-nd mistress’s former roommate’s welfare case worker.

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