Above are the 3 first drafts for the Black History Month posters we were to do for this assignment. They’re not perfect, I have some changes I want to make like the text in the lower portion of the “Adair” poster doesn’t seem clearly legible enough for a summary to me and the “TRAITOR” heading seems out of place for the theme, seemed kinda cool at the time, but, you know. There’s 1 typo in the text too. I’ve got some formatting ideas for the “Brown” poster… changing some of the text up top and such. But yeah… they work for a 1-st draft, everything’s pretty much where I want it, I just think there are some improvements that can be made for any final versions.

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  1. February 21, 2012 at 2:55 am

    The langston hughes poster is well thought out, I like all the text you selected for it and the pictures you used. I think it could be improved by not having all that white space in there. The other two are good, but are lacking some extra touches that would make them amazing. For the beyond brown poster you could try adding extra texture or color variance in the background. Also having a more summarized version that is shorter and larger in size could help. And for the legacies of the civil war poster you just need to make it more readable for the most part.

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